Computer Art by Hans Kuiper
This is a site about Tessellations (Tiles, Tessels or Regular Patterns), Infinity pictures, Optical Art, Minimal Art, Photiles, Optical Illusions, Islamic Art, Auto Stereograms, Company Logo's, Quilt Patterns and Palindromes.
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Donald Duck Tessellated
Digital Art inspired by M.C. Escher Regular Division of the Plane

Nice examples are the Donald Duck picture above and the Whales on the background.
These drawings are made in 17 different Symmetry Systems.
These systems are: P1, P2, PM, PMM, PG, PGG, PMG, CM, CMM, P4, P4M, P4G, P3, P31M, P3M1, P6 and P6M.
I compose my M.C. Escher inspired drawings with a regular division of the plane, with my WINDOWS computer program "SPIEGELKUNSTENAAR", which means "MIRROR ARTIST".
FAQ: Those Escher-like-pictures: How do you do it?

Computer Art inspired by Victor Vasarely

I constructed deformations of tessellations on a sphere.
Replacing the formula of the sphere by any other formula leads to an endless variation of possible deformations.
Have a look at my Miscellanious Pictures
Some Company Logo's

Gödel, Escher, Bach Minimal Art Object

Minimal Art inspired by Sol LeWitt

Chess Board Cube on a Roundabout

Five Chess Boards and One Self-Portait

More Minimal Art Objects

Minimal Art Crosses

Optical Minimal Art

Inspired by Alex Prooper and Johan Gielis

More Optical Minimal Art

Minimal and Photile Art
Optical Illusion Cafe Wall
Optical Illusions drawn with SPIEGELKUNSTENAAR
Have a look at the 11 Archimedes' regular patterns.
My First Auto Stereogram
Some Palindromes
Some Quilt Patterns
My high jump dream

Infinity Bingo
Photile Art inspired by Alex Prooper

More Photile Art

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